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Concrete Structure
Selecting a Successful Site
April 29, 2021
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It's time for your company to grow, and whether you're moving to a new location or renovating an existing space, there are some important aspects to consider and discuss when selecting the best building location for your company.


When fitting an existing structure for your needs, some types of buildings can work better than others. The building itself needs to be in working order: efficient and usable for the people inside. Take into consideration the technology upgrades the building will need along with its materiality and structure. It is important to acknowledge the structure in the building, and whether it will be able to withstand new units on the roof or around the exterior of the building. 


The building parameters are important, as are the possible people you will be working with, such as landlords and your own staff. It is important as a company to select a site that relates to and mirrors your company values along with your staff's needs. A basic consideration is their location and proximity to the potential new site. Is it valuable to your company to have public transportation, cycling trails, pedestrian paths, and/or a designated parking area? Choosing a site close to your industry partners could also help with business and impact your site selection.


If the site is unbuilt upon, you have to be sure to think about the ease of getting power and water to the location. If large equipment or frequent deliveries will be made to the building, you need to consider freight and delivery access to the site. 


This may all seem overwhelming, however that is why GRE is here to help you navigate this field. As your independent advocate, GRE protects your best interests in the site throughout the entire real estate journey. In any location chosen, our team is committed to creating optimal spaces that enhance employee satisfaction, client engagement and branding recognition. Working hand-in-hand with your broker, we'll make the search for a new space easier and more productive. We will help you hold meetings to discuss internal needs and negotiate with potential landlords. Our knowledge is at your disposal, and our connections are now your connections. GRE is an independent advocate that will help you save money and reduce risks throughout your site selection process. We give you more time to focus on what matters most: your business.

Looking for that next level of service for your building project?  Contact us to learn how GRE can protect your construction goals and bottom line down to the smallest detail.

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